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Dr. A Spa

Aesthetic Medical Spa & Concierge Medicine located in Los Angeles, CA & Encino, CA

For Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Encino and surrounding Los Angeles patients looking to improve aging on the skin, Dr. A. Spa can help. At the Beverly Hills and Encino, CA offices our doctors provide IPL treatments to help residents look and feel their best.


IPL Treatment Encino


What is intense pulse light?

IPL, or intense pulse light, treatment treats uneven facial redness, skin tone discoloration, broken capillaries, brown (age) spots, and varicose veins. Concentrated pulses of light are used during treatment. These light pulses are capable of causing a chemical change in the skin cells. This treatment can also be employed to assist with clearing acne and boost collagen production. Intense pulse light treatment is very safe and non-invasive. Treatments can be scheduled to work around a jobs and social obligations since there is little to no downtown required.

Who is a good candidate for IPL?

For people whose skin is displaying large pores, unwanted freckles, or wrinkles, who have sun-damaged, rough, or discolored skin, IPL treatment can be a big help. However, for those with darker skin tones or who are very tan, some complications can arise following treatment. People with fair skin which has retained high levels of elasticity are excellent candidates.

What can I expect during treatment?

Before the IPL treatment starts, patients will be provided with protective eyewear. This ensures that the bright flashes of light do not hurt the person’s eyes. A cool gel is typically smoothed over the target areas, helping to allow the handpiece to glide easily over the skin and cool the epidermis throughout the procedure. The handpiece will direct brief pulses of light at the skin and the treatment time can range from a few minutes to an hour based on the size of the target area. Throughout the procedure, patients will feel a warm sensation coming from the handpiece. Some individuals have likened the sensation to that of a light snap from a rubber band. Additionally, the size of the target area will determine the number of pulses a patient receives. After the procedure, the doctor can assist people with icing the target area which can help to lessen any discomfort. This is typically not needed since IPL treatment causes very little discomfort.